Actual Web Designs Trends for 2016

Web Design Trends

User experience is the central focus of the most relevant web design trends. Creating content that’s responsive, accessible, and simple to use, enhances user satisfaction. This year’s emerging design trends aim to streamline and perfect that user experience.

(1) Full screen & not scrollable

Web Design Trends 2016

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Non scrollable sites are gaining traction finally. Where one page websites, that scrolled through eternity, with a sticky anchor link header at the top, almost became the standard way of doing home pages, it’s nice to see pages where you have to click in order to navigate. As much as people hate scroll-jacking, it can actually be nice sometimes. The key when designing these sites is to use the screen for limitations. Prototype in Keynote. Keyboard navigation is common on these sites.

(2) Sticky headline to the side

Code & Theory

Code & Theory

For the most recent trends in web design it’s always wise to look at agency sites, or rather design studios. And recently it’s been á la mode to have your headlines scroll to the side of the text. All the cool kids are doing it. This is a desktop only trend, so you reading this on your phone will just have to trust me on this, without visiting the example links.

(3) The logo is the loader



This is a huge trend and has become almost synonym with agency websites this year. Everyone has it. And so they should, because it looks great and it gives the visitor a feeling that the website is part of the brand. Very clever.

(4) Disrupted background images

Active Theory

Active Theory

Having a background images that fills the whole browser window is nothing new, it’s probably at the top of the classic post Actual Web Design Trends 2013 but this is taking it to a new level. Add some mouse hover effects on your background image and you’re good to go.

(5) Over the top animations



This is technically possible now, so why not right? If done right, this could be a very visually pleasing and entertaining experience, if done wrong then it’s Flash sites all over again. Word from the wise: use with care, but go way over the top when you do use it.

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